saving for big items

over the span of a week, i accumulate a terrible amount of change in my purse. this leads to me pulling a “granny” move at stores and slowly counting out change just to be rid of it. normally this would be ideal for purchasing coffee but since i’m off the caffeine for pregnancy and breastfeeding i’ve decided to use some mason jars for budgeting on big ticket items. this idea originated from “til debt do us part” show host gail van oxlade but i decided to put my own little spin on it.

josh and i are doing quite well financing, we’re on top of bills, rent and always have lots of nutritious foods in our house but if i’m completely honest we do have a lot of help from our families. josh’s mother is helping out so incredibly much, and if we are ever short for whatever reason our last result is to ask our parents. it’s never easy, but everyone has at least a little help when starting out. i am immensely grateful for all of the loving support we do get!

one thing we don’t do enough is buy ourselves nice things. we’re getting lots of stuff for the baby that up front costs can be quite pricey (cloth diapers, a baby carrier, a lot of cute outfits..) but are worth their weight in gold in the long run.  of course our child will always come first, no question!

i often talk about treating yourself, this doesn’t always have to use your finances to feed your soul but sometimes it’s nice to save up for the big ticket items. ever since i can remember, my big ticket items have always been mostly appliances and quality clothes. i try to have as little things as possible, but try to be sure to get eco-concious items that really help out. every time i purchase something it’s normally out with the old and in with the new! we’re in the process of making more space, by finding new homes for our old belongings we’ve lost love for. to donate, sell, mend or if it’s truly past it’s prime… toss! quite often i do this for spring cleaning every year, but i also like doing so when you move into a new space.

buying a case of mason jars is wildly inexpensive and can be used for a ton of things: gifting food, holding arts and crafts, drinking glasses, making jam, etc. with our change jars i will be making little pictures of what we’re currently saving to attach, and make it that much more exciting to save!

photo (2)

right now josh and i have some common change jars:

baby – it’s always good to have a jar just for the baby, when becoming a new parent. you always will find things you need for the baby that you never thought of. a lot of people give you great advice before becoming a parent but everyone has different methods and different means . so saving for items you will need in the future is always a great idea!
nikon camera
– this day and age it’s easy to use your phone to take pictures. when i was a baby, i was terribly sick and in the hospital for my first few weeks on this earth so i’m sad that i don’t have a lot of baby photos. josh and i wanted to get a nice camera to document our life as a family, i can’t wait to start new family traditions and share with our friends and extended family members. i’ve also always been interested in learning more about photography from modeling, i’m excited to be behind the camera instead of in front of it.
bicycle(s) – we will be getting a vehicle soon for appointments, groceries, visiting family in the valley, etc. but we’re currently saving for new bicycles for next spring because it’s great for your health and not to mention the environment.
books – one of the first things i ordered for josh and i when had just started dating is two richard brautigan books (if you haven’t read in watermelon sugar, it’s a must read!) we’ve always been quite avid readers and i always buy books in advance for my “to-read” shelf.

i find it’s always good to have very few change jars so you can focus all of your energies on one item at a time. it definitely will be great to add it all up and see how close you are to your goal! they’re also great for to use for emergencies if you’re low on funds.

some other items that are on my big ticket list are:
– vitamix blender
– ice blue kitchen aid stand mixer (and various other baking items)
– new macbook for blogging and editing photos
– cricut
– convection oven
– tiny devotions mala beads
– matt & nat purse
– nicole bridger dress
– various trips & learning programs
– a puppy

i will be writing an article for when we achieve our goals, and what we switch our saving jars to!

the key is working towards what you want, but being grateful for what you have. you also tend to appreciate things more when you work for them yourself and see the progress :)

happy savings!



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